Travelers Information In East Manggarai

East Manggarai has so much to offer the visitors. It is not just about marine tourism, magnificient mountains view, or beautiful waterfalls.

However, East Manggarai is more than that. It offers you to see the broad green grass savana, stunning view of the rice fields which spoil the eyes, visit magical religious tourism, and another natural beauty that is no less interesting. When you come and visit East Manggarai Regency, it is ensured that you will be blown away by its beauty.

So, what are you waiting for? Throw away all your doubts and let go all your weariness here. Come on and visit East Manggarai, a place with a million charms.

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Culture, Traditional Village, Hot spring, Volcano, Trekking, and Camping

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East Manggarai Tourism Information

Rana Tonjong, Sepotong Surga di Manggarai Timur

VISIT MANGGARAI TIMUR – Berbicara tentang keunikan pariwisata, Manggarai Timur memiliki sebuah daya tarik wisata yang layak dijadikan salah satu daerah tujuan wisata Anda jika berkunjung ke daerah tersebut. Sebuah danau langka nan eksotis yang berada di utara wilayah Manggarai Timur. Adalah Rana Tonjong, sebuah …

Meet Peacefully at Gua Maria Cingcoleng

Flores, East Nusa Tenggara has so many amazing tourist attractions. Not only the natural panorama, culture, and customs, religious tourism is also one of the tourist attractions that cannot be missed. Precisely in Ketang Village, Tengku Leda Village, Lamba Leda District, East Manggarai Regency, there …

Liang Bala, The Charm of White Sand Beach in East Manggarai

East Manggarai has big potential in tourism sector. It’s because, this region has a lot of tourist atrractions that make you feel at home when visiting. There is a beach located 2 kilometers away from the center of Borong Town, famous for its beautiful white …