Watu Pajung, White Sandy Beach in North of East Manggarai

Beaches is the most populer tourism attraction in the world for travelers. I mean, who doesn’t like beach?

It’s not complete if you don’t put a beach in your travel list. The reason is, the attraction that offered by this tour, not just about seeing the blue sea that soothes our soul, the beautiful colors of sand that spoil our eyes, the swift volume of waves that trigger our adrenaline, or the corals with various motives that our invite admiration, as well as diving activities and watching the beautiful marine life, such as fish and coral reefs which are so magnificent.

The travel that identical with the sea, holds a million charms and mysteries that will never end to explore.

Talking about beaches, East Manggarai Regency is regency that has many beaches to be a tourist attraction. The south and north coasts of this area, are the centre of this tourist attraction type.

From many beaches in East Manggarai, there is a beach in the north coast of this area, known by the white sand and amazing coral lined. The beach called Watu Pajung. In the local language, Watu means stone and Pajung means umbrella.

Watu Pajung is a white sandy beach, located 5 kilometers to east of Pota, East Manggarai.

The stone resambles an umbrella

Watu Pajung Beach, has a beautiful stretch of white sand along the beach, and sea rocks, which stand gracefully and firmly against the green hills overgrown with trees. Really awesome!

In the eastern part of Watu Pajung Beach, there is a savana, and in the western part there are rice fields owned by local residents that can spoil our eyes.

One more attraction that this beach has that guaranteed to amaze you. It is the amazing panorama of sunset. Watching it with your partner must be very romantic. Hehe…

This beautiful blend of nature makes Watu Pajung truly amazing. Named Watu Pajung, because on the beach there is a rock that stands facing the sea, resembling an expanding umbrella. How unbelievable!

So, literally means umbrella stone or stone that resembles an umbrella.

To get this place, visitors who come from Labuan Bajo, will travel overland using a vehicle across the Trans Flores Road for 4 hours to the town of Ruteng. From this town, direct the vehicle towards Reo via Ruteng-Reo State Road, which takes 2 hours.

Upon arrival at Reo, continue driving towards Pota, crossing the beautiful north coast road which takes about 30 minutes. Meanwhile, visitors who come from the east, either via Maumere take 9 hours, from Ende take 7 hours, and from Bajawa take 4 hours, will travel overland across the Trans Flores Road using a vehicle until arriving in the town of Borong.

From this town, drive along the Trans Flores Road for 30 minutes, until you arrive at the Bealaing T-junction. From this T-junction, drive on towards Watunggong, passing the Ruteng-Elar Provincial Road for approximately 40 minutes, and then heading for Lengko Ajang until arriving at Pota. Arriving at Pota, walk straight to east with a distance of 5 kilometers until you find this beach. Enjoy!

As the government doesn’t pay attention to this place, so the beach still natural, and of course the supporting facilities are not available in this area. But, this place is still guaranteed to be safe. Because there is a local guide who will guideing you when visiting this place.

There is no retribution in this place, so you just need to pay the local guide voluntarily.

For those who come from far away and need lodging to stay overnight, it is advisable to book lodging in Pota, not far from this area.

So… for those of you who like white sandy beaches, along with rows of amazing corals, and want to see a stunning sunset panorama, come on, come and visit Watu Pajung Beach. See you there!

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