Rana Tonjong, A Piece of Heaven in East Manggarai

Talking about the uniqueness of tourism, East Manggarai has a tourist attraction that deserves to be one of your tourist destinations when visiting the area. A rare and exotic lake in the north of the East Manggarai Region.

It is Rana Tonjong, a Lotus Lake or also known as lotus flower (Nelumbo lucifera) which is located in Nanga Mbaling Village, Sambirampas District, East Manggarai Regency.

It is 2.5 hectares wide 2.2 of 2.5 hectares is covered by lotus plants. How beautiful and wonderful!

The charm of this Lotus Lake is so mesmerizing. This lake is not only covered with ordinary lotuses, but also overgrown by the Victorian Amazonia Lotus which is the largest type of lotus in the world. Woww unbelievable!!!

In this place, we can see various interesting things. Starting from the beautiful blooming lotus flower, white swans flying and stopping occasionally at the lake, as well as the expanse of rice fields that line up beautifully around this area, adding to the beauty of Rana Tonjong Lake.

The best time to visit this place is April to June. Entering that time, the lotus in Rana Tonjong lake will bloom with pink flowers filling the lake, what an amazing view. Very beautiful!

To get to this place, those who access from the west via Labuan Bajo, will take a road trip to Ruteng Town by passing the Trans Flores Street for almost 4 hours. From this town, keep riding to the north by passing Ruteng-Reo Street for almost 2 hours, then riding to head Pota for almost 30 minutes by passing the wonderful street of north sea.

Whereas, those who access from the east, there are three starting points that you can choose. They are Maumere, Ende, and Bajawa. You Will take a road trip by passing the Trans Flores Street until in Borong Town. From this town, keep riding through the Trans Flores Street for almost 40 minutes until you find a T-Junction in Bealaing. Turn right and ride in through the Ruteng-Benteng Jawa Provincial Street for almost 35 minutes until in Watunggong. Then, keep riding to the Lengko Ajang Village and ride to for 2 hours.

This Rana Tonjong Lake got a good attention from the government. So, there will be a retribution entering this area. Only IDR 5 K per person.

This place has good enough supporting tourism facilities. The facilities that are provided like, toilets, gazebos for sheltering while talking stories and also footprint around the lake that is built to make the visitors are easy to enjoy the view that this lake has.

For other facilities like restaurants and accomodation are not provided around this area. Those facilities are provided in Pota Town, which is 1 kilometer away from this place.

So, if you like the rare and beautiful view when visiting Flores Island, this place is also very recommended to be visited besides Komodo National Park. So… come on, come and visit Rana Tonjong Lake.

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  1. Anggalus Amin

    it is very interesting, but how to get there, and is there any Home stays?

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