Meet Peacefully at Gua Maria Cingcoleng

Flores, East Nusa Tenggara has so many amazing tourist attractions. Not only the natural panorama, culture, and customs, religious tourism is also one of the tourist attractions that cannot be missed.

Precisely in Ketang Village, Tengku Leda Village, Lamba Leda District, East Manggarai Regency, there is a natural cave which is the destination of Catholics.

Gua Maria Cingcoleng. Once the local residents named the place. Apart from being a place of pilgrimage for Catholics in Manggarai Raya, the attraction of religious tourism is also visited by many tourists from various areas outside Flores, even foreign tourists.

A statue of the Virgin Mary 1.5 meters protected at the lip of the cave. In addition, the Chapel as well as the path for the Way of the Cross procession.

This cave, which features natural ornaments such as stalactite and stalagmite, really adds to the charm of the Gua Maria Cingcoleng.

Natural stone ornaments adorn two holes in the cave. The first hole is on the right of the statue of the Virgin Mary, which is less than two kilometers long and penetrates into the Gua Alam Werwitu in the east. Meanwhile, the second hole is on the left side of the statue of the Virgin Mary, with a length of about 300 meters.

Not only is the stone ornament amazing, Gua Maria Cingcoleng is also a habitat for thousands of bats. In addition, in this cave there is also a spring that flows out of the cave and becomes a source of water for local residents.

Gua Maria Cingcoleng, covered in green and cool Werwitu Forest, adds to the spirituality of this place. The surrounding shady trees will add to the peace of everyone who takes shelter under it.

Not only that, in the western part of the cave, there is a panoramic view of the rice fields of the residents of Kampung Ketang which really spoil the eyes of every tourist.

To visit Gua Maria Cingcoleng, cover a distance of 57 kilometers from the Ruteng-Manggarai direction, with a travel time of about two hours using public transportation to Benteng Jawa, the capital city of Lamba Leda District.

Meanwhile, if you come from Borong, the capital city of East Manggarai, it will cover a distance of 74 kilometers, with a travel time of about three hours. From the Javanese Fortress, you have to continue the journey to the North for three kilometers until you arrive at Gua Maria Cingcoleng.

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