Liang Bala, The Charm of White Sand Beach in East Manggarai

East Manggarai has big potential in tourism sector. It’s because, this region has a lot of tourist atrractions that make you feel at home when visiting.

There is a beach located 2 kilometers away from the center of Borong Town, famous for its beautiful white sand and coral.

It is Liang Bala, a beautiful beach that located in Kotandora Village, Borong District, ready to make anyone who visits captivated by its charm.

Apart from offering exotic white sand and charming coral reefs, this beach also offers blue sea, combined with patterned rock cliffs that look like a display of paintings. It’s really awesome!

In between the beautiful patterned cliffs, there are two amazing natural caves. Both natural caves will be inundated by water at high tide.

Not only that, the bursts of sea water that enter through the gaps in the coral at Liang Bala Beach actually show its own beauty.

Owh, don’t forget the sunset panorama. Because this beach is not only known for its white sand and charming corals, this beach also offers a stunning sunset panorama. Watching it with your partner, must be so romantic. Hehehe…

This beach is still very natural and far from the touch of artificial amenities, even though it is not far from the town center. So, you will not find facilities such as toilets and stalls around the location. But calm down, even so, this beach is fairly safe to explore.

So, what are you waiting for… Let’s compose your story at Liang Bala Beach. See you there…

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